Cooke Report: Why it doesn’t support the “nothing happened” headlines

This, as a dramatization on RTE, would write itself. OK. Yeah. That’s totally unrealistic. Channel Four, then.

Philip Boucher-Hayes

The die has been cast and the first news cycle after the publication of retired Judge Cooke’s report on alleged bugging of #GSOC produced a wealth of “nothing proved so nothing happened” type headlines.

Read it and you can’t come to the same conclusion.

The Wifi Threat

GSOC’s boardroom has a lot of audio visual equipment including microphones. Contained within this equipment was a device which had been tampered with and original manufacturer parts were found to have been replaced. This device – called 4B throughout the report – was repeatedly trying to connect with the wifi network in a nearby cafe. The significance of this was in the belief of Verrimus that an …

“eavesdropper could gain access to the microphone-enabled units connected on the network in the Boardroom and the Media Room and use them to listen to conversations in those areas.”

Further alarms were raised when during…

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